Unix Time

Unix Time is an artwork that originally existed as an iOS app which could be installed on an iPhone or iPad: http://www.alistairmcclymont.com/artwork/unix-time

Now the artwork exists as a website:

Simon Patterson

I've helped create a number of Simon Patterson works to date. These have predominantly focused on using digital manipulation skills to provide masks and other tools to enable Patterson to then manually create the work.

Lance Wyman, Metro

I fabricated sections of Metro: Art at Velocity, Lance Wyman and Eduardo Paolozzi at the Bloomberg Space.

My role was predominantly in interpreting Lance Wyman's original drawings and helping to realise the metal fabrication that was needed for the show.


NMC Recordings


Working with AVCO I developed the back end for NMC Recordings primarily using Drupal

This involved creating a Music Map - originally in Flash, now reworked by AVCO in JavaScript.

Much of my work involved creating custom modules to allow the Flash to talk to the Drupal backend, additionally custom modules were created to authorise the JavaScript music players to communicate with a third party mp3 server.