Unix Time

unix time

Unix Time is an artwork that originally existed as an iOS app which could be installed on an iPhone or iPad: http://www.alistairmcclymont.com/artwork/unix-time

Now the artwork exists as a website:

The challenge was to create an artwork that could meet the challenge of existing as an app. The artwork is about the experience of existing on a computer / mobile device. It references the method that a computer uses to store the date and time: the unixtime time stamp. This single number is used by every phone and computer to represent, store and calculate the time and date. Something that is integral in modern digital devices each time you send a text/email/tweet etc - any interaction of any kind tends to be stored with one of these numbers along side it.

The artwork does something very simple, it finds the internal unix time within the device and displays it alongside a 24 hour time lapse recorded at the Greenwich meridian, the timezone used internationally for unix time