Wayne McGregor, Infra at the Royal Opera House

I worked closely with Wayne McGregor and Julian Opie to create an interactive application showing Opie's walking figures at the Royal Opera House

I created an application that allowed the Wayne McGregor to choreograph Julian Opie's walking figures with his dancers. Buttons could be pressed that allowed for a huge variety of options on the giant LED screen that stretched the width of the stage at the Royal Opera House. Crowd sizes, male/female walkers, numbers of walkers, frequency, randomness called all be chosen.

Julian Opie

I worked with Julian Opie to realise a large number of his artworks between 2007 and 2013.

Notable projects include: the Seoul Square LED in Seoul, South Korea (the largest LED artwork in the world at the time) and Infra by Wayne McGregor and Julian Opie at the Royal Opera house.

During the time I worked for Julian I would create many of the moving image work and lenticular images. I would create all of the dynamic coding for the more complex screen/LED based work.

I am credited as a collaborator on an interactive digital piece released for a 2008 exhibition.

Stefan Gec, Crossing Heaven

Crossing Heaven is the title of a screen based wireframe animation of the Hubble spacecraft tumbling slowly against a black background. Drawn using technical data from the European Space Agency, the work depicts the Hubble as it orbits the earth in the outer atmosphere observing deep space, photographing and mapping the furthest corners of our solar system and universe. used a dynamic 3d framework to create an endlessly variable animation