Unix Time - Mozilla Festival 2018
October 26th, 2018

An updated version of my Leap Second artwork was exhibited as part of the Mozilla Festival 2018. 

Leap Second is a series of artworks showing the 27 leap seconds that have been added to our time so far. Leap seconds are added occasionally due to the earth gradually slowing down, primarily due to the tides. This slowing can not be predicted, but its effect means our time gradually goes out of sync with the position of the sun. The date and time is written in Unix Time with a redrawn version of PICA font from the IBM Selectric typewriter, the image behind each photo is from a series of photos taken of the sky above the Greenwich Meridian (GMT, UTC) in London, a photo was taken every minute for 24 hours. Each image used in this series contains evidence of humanity (a plane, or a satellite). There are 27 photographs in the series for the 27 leap seconds so far, this artwork will continue to grow with each added leap second.

The full artwork can be seen here:
Leap Second, Alistair McClymont

The catalogue for the exhibition can be found here:
Mozilla Festival - Art + Data catalogue