MuirMcNeil clock for TypeCon2016 in Seattle, WA

MuirMcNeil wanted an application that would run full screen on a desktop computer for TypeCon2016 in Seattle. The application used TwoLine & TwoPoint font faces to display a clock. Any keypress randomises the fonts.

The application was given away on the festival website, the video was also made for the conference at which MuirMcNeil spoke.

Download the application here:

Simon Patterson

I've helped create a number of Simon Patterson works to date. These have predominantly focused on using digital manipulation skills to provide masks and other tools to enable Patterson to then manually create the work.

Stefan Gec, Crossing Heaven

Crossing Heaven is the title of a screen based wireframe animation of the Hubble spacecraft tumbling slowly against a black background. Drawn using technical data from the European Space Agency, the work depicts the Hubble as it orbits the earth in the outer atmosphere observing deep space, photographing and mapping the furthest corners of our solar system and universe.

A dynamic 3d framework was built to create an endlessly variable animation for Gec's exhibit.

Lance Wyman

I fabricated sections of Metro: Art at Velocity, Lance Wyman and Eduardo Paolozzi at the Bloomberg Space.

My role involved interpreting Lance Wyman's original drawings and helping to realise the artefacts and displays within the show. Physical production involved aluminium welding, machining and fabrication.